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Happicos.com is specializing on custom made quality cosplay costumes from TV, movies, comics, animes and Manga. Many of our costumes has wigs, shoes and weapons available.

Catering for all you need, with a made to measure service for the perfect fit.

This service may take a little longer but worth the wait!^^

Whether you need a costume for your next Con, contest, Halloween or simply enjoy dressing up for your fans on social media or just for fun etc, at Happicos, we will do our best to have the everything you need and satisfy you with quality and friendly service.

Our costumes are made to order by the best hand-selected factories in China. and they will be checked by us before we ship you to ensure our standards are met.

More costumes and accessories will be added to our store in the future, your ideas and requests always welcome.

We would love to see you wearing outfits from Happicos! And you will love Happicos with its quality and our friendly service.

If you don't find the one you like, send us pictures, we are always happy to get more for you.

Pls follow us for more on social media platforms

@happicos on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

@shophappicos on Facebook.

Thank you.



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